Gated Access Control

Welcome guards offering gentle verification and orientation services.


Doorman Access Control

Desk bound guards offering verification, orientation, limited concierge services and key control.


Patrol Guards

Guards patrolling external and internal areas.

Facilities Services

Automated key dispense system
Luggage storage
Biometric access systems

Specialist Services

Fingerprint management systems
Private investigations

Special Equipment Issued To Our Guards


– Personal Alarm
– Panic Button
– Air Horn
– Cell phone and battery
pack with access to Wi-Fi
– Body camera
– LED lit body vest
– Portable Communication Radio
– Name badges
– Emergency Light
– Baton / Patrol Device
– Personalised welcome cards
– Tippman M4 Carbine Paintball Gun
– Pepper Rechargeable Battery Kit Launcher Torch

Allocated Location

– Radio Charger
– Fire Extinguisher
– Jumper Cables
– Car booster pack (optional)
– Wheel clamp
– Torch
– Pepper Spray

About Our Guards

– Carefully selected
– PSIRA qualified
– Fire & First Aid training
– Training also includes 30 days shadow on our hotel receptions


– higher remuneration than minimum wage
– Involved by visiting guard’s homes
– Ongoing career development assistance

Services Not Included

– Cars
– Weapons
– Supervision

Advanced Technology

– Body camera

Mobile Security Stations

Each Unit Is Equipped With

4 HikVision ColorVu High Definition Cameras for daytime quality viewing, even at night

Enterprise grade Ruckus WIFI equipment for seamless remote viewing capabilities, and access for guards

HikVision 4 Channel Video recorder with large enough capacity for inspection of historic events for investigative purposes

Tactical Support Vehicles

Visible Vehicle Branding

Each vehicle has been branded with TSEC Security branding and equipped with security bar lights to ensure visibility during pro-active crime prevention patrols. 


Riaan Veldtmann

Grade A Certified

Riaan grew up in the northern suburbs of Cape Town and completed his schooling at Stellenberg High School in Durbanville. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Stellenbosch, Riaan proceeded with his articles at LDP auditors in Durbanville, and at the same time managed to study part-time and obtain his Honours degree through UNISA. He enjoys all forms of sport, especially rugby, cricket and golf and loves travelling abroad. Riaan has been with Village n Life since 2006.

Technology Manager

Pieter Blom

Pieter was born in Gauteng and matriculated from Roodepoort High School in 1993. After relocating to Cape Town in 1997, he completed IT Certification and qualified as Microsoft Certified Professional in 1999. His career and expertise in the IT field matured over the years, and he got to experience IT in very diverse, yet challenging environments, with the latest being the hospitality industry with Village and Life in 2018. He cemented new roots in Durbanville, in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, and enjoys spending time with his wife, Bronwyn and their four children, Kiara, Preston, Shiloh-Lee and Dean.

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